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XYZMO TO EXHIBIT AT AIIM 2008 JERSEY CITY, NJ – January 8, 2008 – xyzmo USA LLC, the international leader in digital signature technology, will participate as an exhibitor at the AIIM International Exposition & Conference at the Boston Convention & Exposition Center, March 3-6, 2008 in Booth #3334. On display will be demonstrations involving the product xyzmo Seal; xyzmo’s digital sealing software.

The xyzmo Seal creates a visible digital stamp imprint on an electronic document which contains various optional features such as: a trusted third-party timestamp, a company logo and a handwritten signature including its biometric data. The user may add as few or as many of these features during customization as well as multiple seals on a single electronic document, (which are supported without invalidating one another). The xyzmo Seal can be verified with a single mouse click online or offline. The software is available for high volume processing as a server product. 
xyzmo’s software does not require maintaining an expensive PKI infrastructure. xyzmo’s software can be easily integrated into existing IT environments; therefore guaranteeing customers a ROI within 12 months.

The AIIM International Exposition & Conference is the world’s largest and oldest educational conference and exposition. The place to go to gain control, meet compliance standards and access important information from structured and unstructured data, the AIIM International Exposition & Conference assists IT professionals turn content and information into a powerful business tool. The exposition and conference attracts business professionals and executive management seeking the latest technologies to capture, manage, share, and store documents and digital content to support business processes, comply with governmental regulations, drive down costs, and gain the competitive advantage.

Throughout the AIIM Expo xyzmo will be holding frequent signature pad giveaways for attendees that drop their business cards off at Booth #3334.

Juergen Hirtenfelder, xyzmo’s Managing Director had this to say about xyzmo’s participation in the AIIM expo, “It’s an honor for xyzmo to be involved with an event such as the AIIM International Expo and Conference. AIIM’s reputation a leading networking event for IT professionals makes xyzmo look forward to this event with great anticipation. We are offering a ground breaking new product to a tech savvy group of individuals; the results should be rewarding”.

For more information about the AIIM Conference & Expo, or to register, visit, or call 888-824-3004.

About xyzmo USA:
“xyzmo USA offers secure signing solutions that save time, money… and trees!” xyzmo’s technology fits companies of all sizes and offers advanced digital signature technology that operates without an expensive PKI infrastructure. Learn what’s new with xyzmo by visiting xyzmo USA and the xyzmo logo are registered trademarks of xyzmo USA LLC.

About AIIM – the ECM Association
AIIM is the international industry association connecting users and suppliers of enterprise content management (ECM) technologies – tools and methods used to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content in support of business processes. For more than 60 years, AIIM has been a neutral and unbiased source for education and industry information, standards, advocacy, and community.

About Questex Media Group, Inc.
Questex Media Group, Inc. is a global, diversified business-to-business integrated media and information provider, headquartered in Newton, MA. Questex serves multiple industries including technology, beauty, spa, travel, hospitality, leisure, home entertainment, industrial and service industries through a range of well-established, market-leading publications, events, interactive media, research, information and integrated marketing services. The company’s media properties include over 100 print and digital media publications, 45 conferences, tradeshows and events, as well as a range of research, data and information products. The company’s businesses are managed through operating companies including Questex Media Group; InfoTrends, Inc., Imaging Networks and; McLean Events International, Ltd, a world-leading producer of appointment-based events. The company’s combined operations include more than 400 employees in offices throughout North America, South America, Asia and Europe.

For more information please contact Ashley Lucas at or (631) 619-5518. 

XYZMO OPENS US HEADQUARTERS JERSEY CITY, NJ  – xyzmo, the leading international technology provider of comprehensive digital signature solutions, officially announces the opening of its US sales office at the Harborside Financial Center, located across the Hudson River from Wall Street, in Jersey City, New Jersey.  xyzmo, headquartered in Ansfelden, Austria has additional sales offices located in Germany and South Africa.  xyzmo, a privately owned company, offers digital signature technology that renders electronic documents legally equivalent to signed paper documents. 

xyzmo’s digital signature technology eliminates the need for paper-based processes.  Among xyzmo’s offerings, the xyzmo Seal Server contains the following features: a handwritten signature including biometric data, a trusted third-party timestamp and possibility of offline verification.  All features can be added optionally within the xyzmo Seal.  Most importantly, the xyzmo Seal solution is available without the need of maintaining an expensive public key infrastructure (PKI).

After xyzmo Austria’s recent success, providing the country’s number one mobile operator (mobilkom Austria affiliated with the Vodafone Group) with a digital signature solution at Point of Sale (POS), xyzmo is enthusiastic about offering its exclusive products at the US market.  Juergen Hirtenfelder, xyzmo USA’s Managing Director had this to say in response to the company’s new branch in the US, “After witnessing what our product can do for major banks, telecommunications, insurance and pharmaceutical companies in Europe, it is with great enthusiasm that I announce xyzmo’s presence in the US market.  We have developed superior digital signature technology that fits perfectly into countless scenarios, providing customers with impressive cost savings and peace of mind. We guarantee our customers a ROI within 12 months”.

About xyzmo USA:“xyzmo USA offers secure signing solutions that save time, money… and trees!” xyzmo’s technology fits companies of all sizes and offers advanced digital signature technology that operates without an expensive PKI infrastructure.  Learn what’s new with xyzmo by visiting  xyzmo USA and the xyzmo logo are registered trademarks of xyzmo USA LLC.  

For more information, contact Ashley Lucas at 631-619-5518 or .


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